Buying your home

A purchase broker of the Amsterdam Realtor has the expertise, experience and market knowledge to save you thousands of euros, a great deal of time and will help you avoid any problems.

You are about to take a major step in your life and it makes great sense to exclude any uncertainties and avoid any pitfalls. The purchase or sale of a home is usually such a big step that you should surround yourself with the real knowledge and experience of a real estate agent with years of experience and knowledge of the local market.


With The Amsterdam Realtor, you are assured of expertise. Our estate agents and consultants arrange a great many issues for you and negotiate the best price.

We are familiar with the most local and national legislation, regulations and know what to look for when you buy a home. If you are unfamiliar with a neighbourhood or are looking for a property surrounded by the best parks, restaurants, schools or transport links we really can help.
You always earn the fee of a good estate agent back. In addition to professional negotiations, you buy certainty and peace of mind.

To ensure that a deal is completed adequately, we personally consider the legal, tax and building aspects as well as other relevant matters.
Your brokers Marlies and Brigitte Klapmeijer will assist you personally, with direct lines and clear communication.

When purchasing a home:

Mapping of living requirements

Forwarding the latest offering by e-mail

Accompanying you to a the selection

Report on the property: is the asking price correct, ratio asking price to market value, how is the maintenance/architectural and legal status?

Access to and control of the legal documents

Professional and sharp negotiation with the selling party

Assistance in issues such as completion term, movable property and notary choice

Additional research advice, such as structural inspection

Assistance with notary when signing the purchase deed

Final inspection and assistance when signing deed of ownership transfer